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96-04                                        Plug and Play      

Stang-pack2 Meter4it Sequential Chase kit with Electronic Flasher Kit with flasher      

Below are the three patterns you can choose from by simply changing the jumpers location. 1996 to 2004 Sequential/ Chase Kit

Please note that I offer three kits for the 1996 - 2004 to choose from.  The first kit you have to modify your flasher with included part, if you  know how to solder then this kit will save you some money. The second kit has a new motor-craft flasher made to work with my kit. The third option is the Partial Plug and Play kit for the easiest install, flasher included.

Please note the factory flasher will not work properly without being modified. If you know how to solder and want to save some money you may want to order the kit without the Electronic flasher and I will include a capacitor for you to solder inside your factory Electronic flasher.  

You have three kits to chose from: 

Stang-pack1 Meter4it Sequential Chase kit without Electronic Flasher Kit without flasher 

For details on changing patterns click here

1999 to 2002 Cobra Mustang owners:

This kit does not work on the 1999 to 2002 Cobras with the euro style amber (yellow) turn signals.

Although it will work on the all other  Cobra Mustangs because they have the same taillights and wiring harness as the Mustang.   

NOTE: The kit without the flasher you must have basic electronic skills and a soldering iron to modify your factory flasher. If you are not sure what I'm talking about then I recommend ordering the kit with the modified flasher.

Electronic flasher info:

96-04 Stang Pack 1

Sequential /Chase kit with out Flasher. (2 year warranty) with wiring harness, Scotchloks, male connectors, light socket terminals, and install documentation. Also part needed to modify your flasher for a slower flash rate and to accommodate sequence/ chase. Need soldering iron to modify flasher!




Sequential /Chase kit with Flasher. (2 year warranty) with wiring harness, Scotchloks, male connectors, light socket terminals, and install documentation.


96-04 Stang Pack 2


Sequential /Chase unit (2 year warranty) with wiring harness, both taillight harnesses, and electronic flasher. All that is needed to install this kit minus hand tools.

No longer available

96-04 Plug & Play

Shipping: Only to the 48 Contiguous States using UPS, this includes tracking. It’s a flat rate of $9.00 and $2.00 for each additional kit.