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I just installed the kit and want to make sure my Sequential/ Chase unit matches my flasher, how do I do this?

Simple, with the left turn signal on, press the Calibrate button only once. After three cycles the processor calculates and calibrates the Left side, now turn on the Right side turn signal, after three cycles it’s calibrated. NOTE: Calibration should not be need again, also calibration is retained even if you remove power from the unit.

Only one on the market with " Chase " pattern. Three selections via jumper; Sequence , Chase , and Factory !  All in one unit!

Strong durable plastic housing with mounting flange. Velcro included in kit to secure kit. 

Only one on the market with one button calibration; As you know every flasher flashes at a different rate. Push one button allow blinkers to cycle three times per side and your done. No potentiometers to adjust!

All wires have different colors . Along with instruction printed in  color.

You have the reliability of modern electronics!

Fail safe; if unit fails to operate you still have both inboard lights. These two lights are never modified and always operate like they did from the factory.

Safety; other drivers will notice that something different and point.

Easy installation, comes with all connectors or you can solder. Soldering is best but, we also supply quality Scotchlok taps that work really good). Although easy is a relative term, you must have basic auto wiring skills.

I'm using 18GA-GXL automotive wire rated for the engine compartment. That's -51 degrees C to +125 degrees C.

The wire loom is expandable sleeving  in Ford blue. This make for a professional looking install.

MOS FET transistors control each light.

Like to rearrange your room? Well I don't, but I do like to make changes to my car. With this one you don't have to pay more to get another option. All you have to do is change a jumper and your done.

Two year warranty! Just like every one else if unit fails due to no fault of operator I will repair or replace unit minus shipping.

Key advantages

Bells and whistles

Meter4it Eng.





Chase option



Factory (All lights blink together)



1 button calibration! Push 1 button and the unit will calibrate to your flashers flash rate, no time consuming potentiometers to adjust!



2 year warranty



Color coded wires



Short review

NOTE: All wires have different colors. This makes it easier to follow the directions. The different modes of operations are selectable via jumper (shorting bar). If you modify your flasher on your own to flash at a different flash rate (up to 4 sec.), all you have to do is recalibrate the unit. Push the calibrate button then let the left side and then right side turn signal cycle three times and it is calibrated. Simple and fast.  

I’m tired of Sequential, how do I change to Chase or Factory?

All you have to do is change the Blue Jumpers location.

Below is a close-up picture showing the "Calibrate button" and the "Jumper" that is used to control the unit. The Red button is used to calibrate the Sequential / Chase unit to your flashers flasher rate. No potentiometers to adjust here! The Blue Jumper with thumb grip is used to select the desired pattern "Sequential", "Chase", or "Factory"

below shows jumper location for that mode of operation.

Sequence selected  

Chase selected 

Factory selected

For more detail click on picture

Key advantages and how to select different patterns Sequential_Chase_Control