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Install Documentation

splice in kit

Word Doc 3.2mb

Adobe PDF 2.2mb

Install Documentation

Plug and Play

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1996 to 2004 install instructions

2005 to 2009 install instructions


Install Documentation

splice in kit

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Install Documentation

Plug and Play

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Please note that all kits come with printed instruction in COLOR. I find this helps during the install being able to look at the color of the wires on the install instructions.

Please download these and review to see if you can install my kit or if not electronic savvy then to ask your mechanic if he thinks he can do it.

I have tried to describe and included quality pictures to be as help full as possible. If you see something that could be better or have any question no matter how small please email me. If you need to talk please call me at (409) 232-0007.

NOTE: This is my hobby, I enjoy sharing my passion for automotive and electronics.

I don’t really advertise, this allows me to answer your questions one on one either by

phone (409) 232-0007 or email. Ask for Gary!

Welcome to Meter4it Eng. Install documentation site!


Thanks for purchasing a Sequential / Chase Turn Signal unit.

Factory wiring schematic

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Factory with Sequential / Chase unit schematic

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Trouble Shooting 96 - 04 Mustang Sequential / Chase problems

Basic wiring of the Sequential/ Chase unit