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1. For CHASE , remove any jumper that is in a vertical orientation. To store the jumper you can replace it in a horizontal plane on either of the two jumpers.      

2. For SEQUENCE , place jumper on the right two pins in a vertical plane.          

3. For FACTORY (all 3 lights together), place the jumper on the left two pins in a vertical plane.

NOTE: If changing from factory to another mode you must re calibrate both left and right sides. In short the unit will be in the calibrate mode after jumper removal, all you will need to do is to let the left and then right side turn signals cycle a minimum of three times and your done

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Although Calibration most likely will not be needed I have incorporated an easy way to calibrate the unit to your cars flashers speed. NOTE: every car is different, some more than other. 

To calibrate the Sequential / Chase unit; First select between Chase or Sequential with the Blue jumper. Now turn the left turn signal on, with lights flashing, push the Black button (Red in this picture) inside the access hole and hold until all three lights flash together then release . The lights will flash two to three more times and then that side is calibrated. Now turn on the right side turn signal and it will calibrate after two flashes. 

  Change between patterns:

NOTE: Reference to access hole assumes hole is facing you, flange is on the bottom side, and wire loom is to your left. Just like the pictures below.


How to calibrate and to change between patterns